Orthopedic & Cancer Exercise Specialists

Coastal Fitness and Correction offers a data-driven approach that transcends the limits of conventional Personal Training. Using second-generation AI, your specialist sees and corrects even the smallest imbalance during exercise in “real-time.” The technology along with healthy protocols are designed to improve daily activities despite injury, surgery, or condition.

We are dedicated to enhancing your everyday life in a friendly and safe environment.

Customized Programming Specifically
For You

Coastal Fitness and Correction focuses on each client individually by designing unique programs based on:

  • Orthopedic Considerations
  • Post-rehab Injuries
  • Prehab & Post-rehab of Surgical Repairs
  • Neurological Conditions
  • Cancer Diagnosis

Through measured progress of strength, range of motion, stability, and mobility, we are here to empower clients to live each day at their highest and healthiest ability.

Advocating For Your Health

Our thoughtful and safe specialists will inspire long-term health integration in any stage of life. Along with becoming an advocate for your health as part of your Wellness Team, we will establish a higher level of communication between clients, doctors, healthcare providers, and training specialists.

Why Choose Coastal Fitness and Correction?

Friendly & Safe Environment

We promise to treat clients with dignity, empathy, and respect through the various stages of their fitness journey. No two individuals will have the same response to programming.

Experts with Extensive Training

Designations that exceed a conventional Personal Training Certification. Including, Orthopedic Exercise, Corrective Exercise, in addition to in-depth education through CETI (Cancer Exercise Training Institute).

Measured Success & Maximum Results

Using cutting-edge technology, CFC is reimagining fitness success and maximizing results by offering a continuum of care through protocols that lead you to different stages of training.

Wellness Team Advocate

Coastal Fitness and Correction finds importance in establishing a higher level of communication between clients, providers, and trainers to design the most efficient fitness protocol for you and the stage of your life, disorder, injury, and/or disease.

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